mazel tov                    

Dr. Buckman is a Board certified Family and Sports Medicine Physician and Mohel in private practice in Bolton, Connecticut. He has been performing circumcisions for over 30 years. As a certified graduate of the Jewish Theologic Seminary/Rabbinical Assembly Brit Kodesh course he is a practicing Conservative Mohel (yiddish Moyel, Moel). He provides Mohel services primarily to Eastern Connecticut and the Greater Hartford area. While his home is in the quiet corner of CT, he has provided Mohel services around the world and around the country. He has performed Brit Milah as far away as Singapore in the Far East. In the USA his services have been requested from Massachusetts to Florida to California.

Dr. Buckman, like many conservative Mohalim, is also available to families who wish to have a Mohel lead them in a Simchat Bat ceremohel ron buckmanmony in which we welcome baby girls as members of the Jewish community. This is often done when there are fraternal twins but may also be done as an individual celebration or when an older girl sibling has not had a naming.

Mohel Ron's approach to the Brit Milah or Simchat Bat ceremony is one of personal attention to the needs of the family involved. As a conservative Mohel, he enjoys working with the family to shape the service to their needs and desires. Unlike the Brit Milah services of many other Mohalim, Dr. Buckman’s Brit Milah service is a participatory service in which all present take part. Dr. Buckman is sensitive to the issues facing modern families and will work with the family to make the Brit Milah service meaningful, joyful, and uplifting within the bounds of halachic requirements for Brit Milah.
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quoteSo many of our friends and family commented on what a fantastic job you did at our bris and have asked for your contact information. Thank you so much! You did a great job ensuring that both mom and baby were calm and comfortable during the procedure.
AM, West Hartford

Asher is doing great and Ron, you did an awesome job! But beware, you may become the "go to" Mohel for all of Asia.
EC, Singapore

We are very grateful that Dr. Buckman performed our son's Brit Milah. From the moment we met Dr. Buckman, he was kind, warm, engaging, and sensitive to the needs of our family, and these qualities were all present during the Brit Service. The service was incredibly meaningful to our family. LS, West Hartford